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How to Build Headphones – Online How to List

How to Build Headphones – Online How to List

Headphones typically connect to an audio source and allow you to listen to music or other audio without everyone else having to hear to it. These small loudspeakers sit close to the ears and are convenient for on-the-go listening. Building headphones takes only a few minutes, but you must spend a little money to find some specific supplies in order to complete the project.

Things You’ll Need

2 soda bottle lids
Flexible wires
Strong cable cord
Piece of foam

Ear phone pin
Side cutter pliers

Remove the lids from two soda bottles. Make a hole from one side of the lid to the other side. The wires will be going through these holes.

Make a band with the cable cord. Place the end of the cable cord near your right ear and bring the remaining cord over the top of your head to your other ear. Cut off the remaining cord with pliers.

Measure how much wire you will need. Leaving an extra 1 1/2 inches at one end of your wires, wrap the wire around the cable cord until it reaches the other end. Again leave another 1 1/2 inches on the end. Cut the wire with side cutter pliers.

Place the cable cord through the holes of the bottle lids. Then pull the cable cord through the hole enough to bend it towards the back of the lids.

Connect the wire. You will need enough wire on each side to connect to the speakers and to the ear phone pin. The ear phone pin will be inserted into the right lid. It will be held by wrapping the wire around it.

Put speakers inside the lids. Measure the diameter of the lids to know what size speakers and foam you will need. Use foam to cover the speakers, and make sure it is a little bigger than the size of the lid to cover your ear. Put glue onto the edges of the foam and attach the lids. Then plug in your ear phone pin to a radio and enjoy your music in private.


Tips & Warnings

  • Be careful when puncturing holes in the bottle caps since they can easily break.



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