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Trafficmonsoon Strategies

Here are some strategies we share with you to optimize your earnings. Most of them are linked with the adpack/sharing position service.



Grow Your Income and Advertising Power (100% Repurchase)

A very powerful aspect of the adpack service is that you can grow your income and advertising power with it. Since you earn $5 profits when your sharing position matures, you can repurchase a new adpack to get more advertising credits and generate another $5 profits. The more you repurchase, the more adpacks you get and the more profits you can generate.TrafficMonsoon launched on October 10, 2014. Since its launch, the average daily earnings have been of $1 (2%) daily per active sharing position. This means that every active sharing position will earn you about $1 daily for 55 days, based on current statistics. So, 50 days after your adpack purchase, you should have $50 in your earnings balance, enough to buy a new adpack!

Maintain Your Income and Advertising Power (91% Repurchase/9% Cashout)

This strategy is very good to follow if you want to keep making a good income in the long term and keep a constant flow of new advertising credits.As soon as you reach your goal of active sharing positions count, you can use this strategy to maintain the number of active sharing positions you have and cashout your profits.The calculations are quite easy.You earn $55 per sharing position.
Each adpack costs you $50.
It means you make $5 profits per adpack purchase (when your sharing position matures).You can cashout $5 for every $55 you earn, so you will always be able to repurchase a new adpack while cashing out your profits.

The cashout ratio is of $5 / $55 = 1 / 11 = ~9% of your earnings.The easy ways to do this strategy based on your number of active positions:

  • Few active positions: Repurchase 2 adpacks with your earnings and cashout the next $10.
  • More active positions: Repurchase 10 adpacks with your earnings and cashout the next $50.
  • A lot of active positions: Repurchase 20 adpacks with your earnings and cashout the next $100.

You can choose your own repurchase/cashout plan, but if you want to follow this strategy you need to keep the 91% repurchase/9% cashout ratio.

Another Strategy : Example

Invest $500 to buy 10 ad packs in Traffic Monsoon from which you can earn (10X5= $50) pure profit in around 55 days. So, after that 55 days, you can just can use that $550 and can buy 11 ad packs which will increase your profit and you can earn $55 after another 55 days. Like this keep on increasing ad packs till you satisfy from your every 55 days earnings. For example:- If you want to earn $100 regularly around every 45 to 55 days, then keep on buying new ads packs from earning till you make total 20 ad packs sharing postions. Like this you can keep on increasing your earnings. If you start from low investment, it takes time to rise. If you invest high amount you will see the results sooner. Also remember that you are investing in Adpacks not only to earn, but to advertise your website as well so if you have your own business why not advertise and get traffic to your website and earn more.

(Note: You don’t have to have your own website to invest in adpacks, and earn money, you have the option to advertise your TrafficMonsoon referral link and earn, so join now)

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

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