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How to Online Guide to Create RSS Feeds in Twitter

How to Online Guide to Create RSS Feeds in Twitter

The step-by-step guide explains how you can easily create Twitter RSS feeds for the new Twitter API with the help of Twitter widgets and a Google Script.

Twitter does not offer RSS Feeds but there is a simple solution that you can use to generate RSS feeds for your various Twitter streams including Twitter search results, user timelines, favorites, lists and even the new Twitter collections.

RSS feeds are essential if you need to use your Twitter data elsewhere. For instance, you cannot create recipes in IFTTT that get triggered when there’s a new @mentions or a new tweet is added to search results. You cannot import your Twitter timeline automatically into your blog. You cannot follow Twitter feeds in an RSS reader like Feedly or even Google Docs.

How to Create RSS Feeds in Twitter

There are two way to create RSS feeds for Twitter. You can either write a Twitter App or take a more simple alternative described here.

webonline twitter rss feed

The trick is simple. Twitter offers JavaScript based widgets to help you embed user timelines and Twitter search results into your website.  What we’ll do is transform these HTML Twitter widgets into regular XML Feeds with the help of a Google Script. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. On the Twitter website, go to Settings -> Widgets (link) and create a new widget. You can create widgets for user timelines, favorites, Twitter lists, collections and search results.
  2. Once the new widget is published, make a note of the widget ID which you can find in the URL of the widget. It is a long string of numbers.
  3. Click here to make a copy of the Google Script and choose Run -> Twitter_RSS to authorize the script. You’ve to do this only once.
  4. Inside the Script Editor, go to Publish -> Deploy as Web App and click the “Save New Version” button. Set Anyone, including Anonymous under Who has access to the app and hit Deploy.

Google Script will now create a unique URL for your RSS web app that will look something like

Just append the Twitter Widget ID (created in Step 2) to this URL and your RSS feed for Twitter is ready. For instance, if the Twitter widget ID is 123456, your RSS Feed URL would be:

The Twitter RSS feed will have all details about the tweet including the date when that tweet was posted, the full name, user name and profile picture of the Twitter user and the actual text of the tweet. You can see some real examples of Twitter RSS feeds here and here.

Should you wish to create another RSS Feed for Twitter, just add another widget inside Twitter and use that new widget’s ID with the same Google Script URL.

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18 Online Listings Tips for eBay’s Algorithm|Cassini Search Engine

18 Online Listings Tips for eBay’s Algorithm|Cassini Search Engine

Are you having trouble with eBay’s Cassini Search Engine?

Are you one of those eBay sellers who use to sell a ton on eBay and when they released the Cassini search engine your sales dropped out of nowhere?! Well you aren’t the only one! In this post I’ll be giving you 18 tips to help YOU dominate your competition and eBay’s search engine so you can get your sales back on track!

What exactly is Cassini?

Cassini is eBay’s new search engine that was rolled out in 2013. If you have been an old school eBay seller and your sales have never been the same since then, you probably have not changed your listing style to accommodate the needs of Cassini.

Remember the days when you could flood eBay’s search with multiple listings with different keywords in the title? Or how sellers would make 10 different listings of the same product with different titles and you would dominate the search results? Well with Cassini and eBay’s duplicate listing policies, those days are long gone and I’m sure you’ve noticed that already. I mention this, because I have regular chats with old school eBay sellers about the old tactics that people use to do, but no longer work due to Cassini and eBay’s new listing policies.

I won’t go in-depth into Cassini, because you can find more info about it here direct from the source written by Hugh Williams who was VP of Search at eBay.

How the Cassini Search Engine works

Before I give you any tips you need to know how Cassini operates. I’ll be sharing a video that will help you understand how the Cassini search engine works. Please watch this video by Todd Alexander before reading my tips, as the video will help you understand my tips better so you can execute your new listing strategy! Please don’t forget to write your own notes down. I’m a big believer of the best way of learning is doing, so there’s a reason I didn’t summarize the video in writing for you.

This video was recorded from the PeSA Internet conference in Australia, May 2013. The event is hosted by Phil Leahy and held once a year in May at the Gold Coast in Australia. The event consists of 3 days of workshops and seminars from some of the top people in the eCommerce industry. It’s definitely a conference you do not want to miss out on. I attended last year and I highly recommend you do as well. If you’re not able to make it out to Australia, they have one every year in August at Las Vegas Nevada. The US event is called Think Global Retail for more information go to

Author PictureeBay’s search algorithm has come along way in the past few years. Not long ago it was much easier for eBay sellers to ‘game’ the system as the eBay search wasn’t all that intelligent.PeSA has plenty of discussions with eBay about search and it’s impact on sellers, and we are pleased to hear that there is ongoing activity to refine, fix and improve results for buyers.

From a personal perspective we have begun to see the benefits of having good stock levels at a good price and offering. It now seems to take some time to establish good best match in competitive categories, but also seems to give enough visibility to newer and/or smaller sellers to get a foot in the door and move some product too. But conversely it seems to work well for larger sellers who can build a more solid base of ongoing sales if they manage their accounts well.

Only 3 or 4 years ago it was all too easy for a new inexperienced seller to come in a dominate rankings and sales just by leveraging price a little bit. Many more factors come into play these days and I believe the marriage between seller performance and best match results is getting closer which is a great thing to see.

My top tips would be:
– Work hard on using your listing titles effectively
– Price competitively, but allow your self room to make margin (if you can’t sell and make a net profit, you need to re-assess)

– Customer Service
– Customer Service
– Customer Service!

Nathan Huppatz, Co-Founder, PeSa Board MemberWebsite

 To Summarize

Cassini is all about the buyer and how much value you can offer the buyer as a seller. Previously, it was very easy to manipulate eBay’s search engine by flooding listings, but this is no longer the case. You need to give the buyer what Cassini thinks they want. If you want to know more, watch the video above and write your own notes down. This will give you a better understanding of the search engine so it sticks to that entrepreneurial brain of yours ;)

Okay, so have you watched the video and taken your own notes down? I trust you have, so now for the…*Drum roll please*

Drum Roll

Cassini Search Engine TIPS!

Okay, so now that you have a background on Cassini lets get on with the tips!

1. Optimize your titles with “relevant” keywords –  The maximum character count for eBay titles is 80 characters, be sure to pack the title with relevant keywords for your listing and to maximize the character count. By relevant, I mean use specific keywords and not broad keywords. To make it easy, I will use the same example that was used in the video above (fast fwd to 11:42 in video)

If you’re listing a packet of seeds for sale on eBay, you wouldn’t want to use broad keywords like “Garden, planting, outdoor”. This may get you more views, but it will hurt your buyer engagement because people are looking for seeds not “garden, planting or outdoor”. Lower buyer engagement means your eBay listing will get pushed down the search results. Targeted keywords = higher buyer engagement which will result in higher rankings in search

A software I can highly recommend for building eBay titles is Terapeak. Not only does it build titles, but it also helps you find who the top sellers are in your category, a sellers sell through rate, and you can even find out your competitions top selling products! Stop selling blind on eBay, do yourself a favor and try Terapeak out today for free!

Author PictureBefore Cassini, sellers built listing titles that matched as many searches as possible. After Cassini, this is a bad idea. Cassini uses sales performance, not just keywords, to decide which listings to show—so having very visible listings can quickly hurt you if you don’t turn these impressions into sales. Now it’s much more critical that you’re seen by shoppers who will buy what you’re selling.
Aron Hsiao, Marketing Communications Manager, TerapeakWebsite

2. List using GTC (Guaranteed till canceled) with a twist – You should list using GTC to retain sales history. The more sales and watchers a listing has, the higher it will go up in search. This means that your listing has good buyer engagement. The twist is, what about listings with no sales after 30 days? You need to END these listings and re-list them! Why? Because it will re-index the listing and wipe the previous history of bad buyer engagement. Once re-listed, your listing will show up as a “new listing” and be on top of search. If the listing gets good buyer engagement, it will stay up at the top. If it gets bad buyer engagement, it will be pushed down in search. So make it a habit to always end and re-list items with no sales after 30 days.

3. OUT OF STOCK Inventory Control and Scarcity – eBay has a featured called “Out of Stock Inventory Control”. Basically, this feature enables your listing from ending even though there’s no stock available. So if you have a sales history for example of 100 items sold and you run out of stock, previously your listing will just end automatically and you will lose all of your sales history. Now, with out of stock inventory control the listing will say “out of stock” instead of automatically ending thus retaining your sales history. This feature is available in most 3rd party listing software. You can find more information about the feature here and eBay’s official announcement here.

Scarcity Tip – Scarcity gets customers to buy your product. A good strategy that can be combined with out of stock inventory control is what I like to call the “Scarcity trick” Basically, you will use your 3rd party listing software or an app like “Quantity manager”to control the stock that’s shown on eBay. We can use this app to make your listings always display “1″ and make customers think you only have 1 in stock left, but in reality you could have hundreds.

How to do this? 

Step 1: Setup your 3rd party listing software or application to always display “1″ in stock and turn on “out of stock inventory control” Please note that this method will vary depending on your listing software. You can also turn on out of stock inventory control directly in eBay if you aren’t using a 3rd party listing software. See this article for reference.

eBay Out of Stock Inventory Control Settings

After you have all your settings in place your listings should look similar to image below. It might look different depending on which eBay country site you’re listing on. This example is from

eBay listing Techboy2015

4. Offer the most value for your listing to stay competitive 

  • Free Shipping – Offer free shipping on all your domestic listings, eBay will give you a boost in search
  • Offer additional shipping methods – like express, local pickup and international shipping. Use global shipping if applicable to your category
  • 30 Day return policy – Offer a 30 day return policy to earn your buyers trust and to help increase conversions
  • Best Price – Buyers are always looking for the best price, if you have the highest price and you have other competitors with similar seller ratings and polices, the most likely you will lose the sale. You need to stay competitive by offering the same or better pricing.

Pro tip: You can use a software called Price Spectre to auto re-price your products to help you beat your competition. This is very useful if you have hundreds of products. It also enables you to re-price against Amazon products.

Author PictureDon’t try to cheat the system! The goal of Cassini is to give high rankings to the best listings for buyers, and eBay judges that from the sales history. Listings that don’t convert will not climb the rankings. So create your listings for buyers first, not the search engine, and stay clear of manipulative “black hat” tactics like adding keywords for unrelated products.
Andy Geldman, Founder, Web RetailerWebsite

5. Create a sale – using Markdown Manager you can create sales on a store category or per product level. Buyers love sales and will entice them to buy something if they see its on sale. This will also help increase buyer engagement.

NOTE: Sellers who have been approved in the strike through program will have the option to use “strike through pricing”. I suggest you use strike through all the time if you’re able. Strike through pricing is only available to larger sellers and you must seek approval for it.

Author PictureeBay detects when you relist an item at a discounted price from the previous listing when you’re not using GTC (Good ’till Cancelled) listings. I’ve noticed that when a customer drops the price by at least 7% from the previous listed price, it increases visibility by 25%.
Brett Rush, Project Manager, SureDoneWebsite

6. Maintain YOUR DSR’S and Feedback – Cassini rewards sellers with great DSR’s and Feedback. You need to maintain great Detailed Seller Ratings to be on top of search (Top rated Seller status preferred). You also need to respond to open cases in the resolution center asap and you must close all of them to maintain your rankings in search. Cassini will penalize you if you have a bad seller reputation and that includes having too many open cases.

7. Auctions – If you have some popular items and you’re able to confidently auction them off without losing money, you should create auctions to help increase the traffic to your eBay store. In the auction listing you can cross promote your other items for sale. Auctions tend to show up on top of search if it gets good buyer engagement.

8. Drive Outside Traffic to your eBay listings – To help increase buyer engagement on your listings, a great strategy is to use social media platforms, your email list and PPC so you can drive targeted traffic to your new listings. This will give the listings more views and hopefully purchases which will help push your listing up in search. You will want to do this on newly listed items only. If you have items with no sales, end those items, re-list and then drive traffic to them.

9. Refresh RSS Feeds – Pick any day of the week and go into your marketing tools under manage my store settings and turn off your RSS feeds. Wait 10 hours or so and turn it back on. This process will re-index your first 100 listings and give it a temporary boost in search. If you have more than 100 listings, you can use an app called bayfeeds to process all of them.

10. Use the eBay catalog – When you’re able, use the eBay catalog. If your item is a well known brand, most likely it already exists in eBay’s catalog. All you have to do is enter the UPC or EAN of the product and the listing will automatically populate all of the product data.

11. List in the correct category – List in the right category, if you list in the wrong category your listing will be brought down in search. Choose the category based on product and buyer behavior. See 14:43 in video above for reference.

12. Fill in all of your item specifics – Filling in all of your item specifics will help increase your visibility. Make sure all of your item specifics are filled in and they are relevant to your product. Also add in your own custom item specifics to help educate your buyer even more about your product.

For example, you are selling white wine and you do not have the color white in the title. You list in the white wine category and white wine in the item specific field, your item will still show up in search.

Author PictureCassini has totally changed the rules for eBay sellers. Back when eBay used their ‘Voyager’ engine it was all about the eBay title. It was easy for some sellers to appear high up the eBay search with poor listings.Now Cassini takes into account your description as well as item specifics and much more. The importance of good quality listings for eBay sellers has never been bigger.

Dave Furness, Director, Understandinge.comWebsite

13. Answer your eBay messages within 24 hours or less – From experience, the faster you respond to a customer on eBay the more likely they will buy from you. This will help increase your buyer engagement on the listing once they buy the product. This will result in a sale and will give you a boost in search.

14. Price your item to be the lowest for every new listing – Pricing your item low in the beginning will get you more sales since you’re the cheapest on eBay. Once you build up your sales history, you can increase your price as long as it’s within the market rate for your category.

15. Mobile Responsive and Branded eBay listing Template –  Hire a professional to design you a mobile responsive eBay template to help build your brand. A good eBay template will help increase conversion rates and increase your brand awareness online.

Author PictureCassini is nothing like eBay’s old search engine. That only had a handful of options to return results to buyers with, whereas Cassini can do anything that eBay wants it to do.The good news for you is that it’s not going to be just one thing that impacts your eBay success, it’s a combination of lots of little things combined together which will give you results.

Its this combination of lots of things together, such as a great listing title, combined with excellent images, item specifics, pricing, shipping options, your description, previous sales history & account performance history that impacts where your listing appears in eBay’s Best Match.

And each of these are all attainable by you right now. Tweak a title, add an extra image, add extra item specifics, go the extra mile to keep your DSR’s high. You can do all of these everyday and while it might not feel like you’re making a massive change each day, the reality is you’re walking towards a better business with each tiny step.

Matt Ogborne, Founder, Widget ChimpWebsite

16. List using the variations – If available in your category, list the product using variations. Variations will combine the number of views, watchers, clicks and sales into one listing which Cassini loves.

17. Create combo items for maximum search exposure – this strategy creates more listings for your store without violating duplicate listing policies. Creating combo items gives you more visibility in search with different types of products as you can put multiple keywords within the title. For example, if you’re selling jeans and shirts, you can create a package deal for the t-shirt and jeans. So instead of having 1 listing for a t-shirt , 1 x listing for jeans, you’ll have a total of 3 listings. I would combo every item that makes sense and a buyer would purchase. You can even further discount to the buyer your cost savings on shipping for combining items into one box. If you’re able to communicate this to your buyer effectively, your conversion rate for combo items should go up. I mean, who doesn’t like saving money?!

18. Use plenty of high-resolution photos – Create high-resolution photos that are a minimum of 1600 pixels on the longest side. This will give you the zoom effect that you see on some eBay listings. Great photo’s are known to increase conversion rates. You also want to add as many pictures as possible, the maximum amount of photos allowed per listing are 12 photos. Use all of them!


In conclusion. Cassini is all about the value you can offer to your buyers. Know your buyers, maintain your DSR’s and create listings that convert. Be the top seller in your category for that product and you will be laughing your way home to the winners circle. I hope this article will help you increase your sales on eBay.
If you found this article helpful please help spread the word by hitting that share button!


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Buy Online Earphones Headphones | ebay UK listings

 buy samsung earphones online ebay uk


 buy samsung earphones online ebay uk

Buy Online Earphones Headphones | ebay UK listing

 Techboy2015 Online Listings

Item specifics

New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging 


Earpiece Design: Earbud (In Ear) MPN:


Fit Design: In-Ear Only Compatible Brand: Universal, For Acer, For Apple
Microphone: Built-in Wireless Technology: Not Applicable
Features: Built-In Microphone, Noise Isolation, Volume Control Connector(s): 3.5mm Jack
Colour: White Earpiece: Double

The SAMSUNG  E0-HS3303WE Stereo Headset is a sleek style unit but with good quality sound. This in-ear design means less volume is required to achieve a similar level of sound from a open air headset. It also means external sound is blocked as the headset fits snugly and comfortably in most ears and its compact size means the headset can be worn discreetly. The headset comes in cool white and is finished in a smooth surface creating a high quality look to the device. Handy controls, the call button on the headset cable allows the user to easily answer/end a call without the need to fumble for the phone.Global InterfaceThe new headsets are now configured to work on the newer handsets no matter which part of the world they come from.Small and ComfyThe earpieces are small enough to be worn without being too obvious and the in-ear style gives good sound insulation from external interference. Avoid using headphones with the volume turned up for an extended period of time. Doing so can damage your hearing. It is advisable to keep the volume at a moderate level at all times.


Product Details Samsung J5 3.5mm Earphone
Enjoy clear sound quality and deeb bass with this comfortable in-ear headset.
Great sound quality and bass response.
Hands-free headset.
Manage your calls easily using the built-in the answer/end key.
Take incoming calls and keep your hands free as you talk.
Easily adjust the volume by pressing the + -buttons on the mic.
Lightweight earphones designed for a comfortable fit.
Compatible with all Samsung Mobiles & MP3 players with a universal
3.5 mm audio jack.


Genuine Samsung product RRP £20+

-Tangle free flat cable
-Superb sound quality
-Deep brass and effective noise isolation
-Ultra lightweight
-On cable mic/remote for easy and hands free calling.


 buy samsung hands-free earphones | headphones online listings

Buy Online Earphones Headphones | ebay UK listing

Buy earphones online, Buy headphones online, Buy universal earphones, buy hands-free headphones online, Buy hands-free,  Buy earphones for Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Tab 2, 3.5mm-jack

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How to improve sound from in-ear headphones

How to improve sound from in-ear headphones

I love in-ear headphones–the ones that fit inside your ear canals, as opposed to ear buds that rest on the outer ear. I’m a big fan because in-ear headphones’ ultraclose proximity to eardrums offers the potential for the highest-resolution sound quality.

The better in-ear headphones also do a great job of sealing out external environmental noise so you can listen at a lower (safer) volume and still hear all of that amazing detail. The problem is, unless both earpieces are s

ealed tight, you’re not going to get the sound you paid for.

Everybody’s ears are different, so achieving a perfect fit can be a tricky exercise. Most in-ear headphones come with a selection of differently sized and shaped eartips. Try them all; the goal is to produce a the best possible “seal,”

which reduces the amount of outside noise you hear and delivers the headphone’s fullest-possible bass response.

The difference in sound quality between a good seal and an iffy one isn’t subtle. It’s definitely worth a little extra effort to maximize each tip’s seal. Remember, too, that poor sealing makes for a less secure fit, so the earpiece is more likely to fall out of your ear.

Tip: Your left and right ear canals may not be exactly the same size; you might need, for example, the smallest eartip for your right ear and a medium tip for the left ear.

I’ve included a gallery of images to help perfect your in-ear insertion techniques. First, try rotating/twisting the tip slightly as you push the headphone inside the canal.

Gently push it in, and when you hear less external noise, you’re done. The quieting effect can be at least as powerful as the better noise reduction headphones. If the tip still feels loose or the external noise level is about the same, try using a larger or different type of tip, if it’s provided by the manufacturer (foam, silicon, or flange tips (see gallery). If the tip feels too tight or uncomfortable, try a smaller or different tip type.

If the push-in technique doesn’t work, try the “lobe tug”: Before you push the headphone in, gently tug your earlobe down and/or out, then push the headphone in, then release the lobe. I use this technique with my Monster Turbine headphones. Again, experiment with the tugging direction, as it might take a few tries before you get it right.

If that doesn’t work, try the opposite approach: the “ear pull.” Before you push the earphone in, reach over your head with your other hand, and gently pull you ear up, then push the headphone in. Release the ear. If it’s not working, try different pulling angles before pushing the headphone in.

If you’re using silicon tips or flanges, you might try moistening the tips in your mouth before inserting them. That trick can work wonders. In any case, don’t be afraid to really push the ear tips into the ear canal. That’s how you get the tightest seal, but if any of these techniques hurt or cause discomfort, STOP!

How to avoid tangling your headphones‘ cable

This tip may work with any headphone with skinny tangle-prone wires. We’ve all been there: you reach into your pocket or bag to get your headphones, and then spend a few minutes untying knots and tangles. You either just jumbled up the wire before stowing the headphones–or wrapped the wires in a circle around your hand.

Try this technique: Simply fold the wire into an alternating series of U’s and upside down U’s (see gallery). Then fold the cable to fit inside your bag. I’ll readily admit that this technique doesn’t always work, but give it a try.

The best-sounding headphones are the large over-the-ear models, but in-ear headphones are the next best thing. And they’re certainly more practical for music on the go.

Of course, if you have any headphone tips or tweaks, please share them here.


by Steve Guttenberg


How to improve sound from in-ear headphones

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How to Build Headphones – Online How to List

How to Build Headphones – Online How to List

Headphones typically connect to an audio source and allow you to listen to music or other audio without everyone else having to hear to it. These small loudspeakers sit close to the ears and are convenient for on-the-go listening. Building headphones takes only a few minutes, but you must spend a little money to find some specific supplies in order to complete the project.

Things You’ll Need

2 soda bottle lids
Flexible wires
Strong cable cord
Piece of foam

Ear phone pin
Side cutter pliers

Remove the lids from two soda bottles. Make a hole from one side of the lid to the other side. The wires will be going through these holes.

Make a band with the cable cord. Place the end of the cable cord near your right ear and bring the remaining cord over the top of your head to your other ear. Cut off the remaining cord with pliers.

Measure how much wire you will need. Leaving an extra 1 1/2 inches at one end of your wires, wrap the wire around the cable cord until it reaches the other end. Again leave another 1 1/2 inches on the end. Cut the wire with side cutter pliers.

Place the cable cord through the holes of the bottle lids. Then pull the cable cord through the hole enough to bend it towards the back of the lids.

Connect the wire. You will need enough wire on each side to connect to the speakers and to the ear phone pin. The ear phone pin will be inserted into the right lid. It will be held by wrapping the wire around it.

Put speakers inside the lids. Measure the diameter of the lids to know what size speakers and foam you will need. Use foam to cover the speakers, and make sure it is a little bigger than the size of the lid to cover your ear. Put glue onto the edges of the foam and attach the lids. Then plug in your ear phone pin to a radio and enjoy your music in private.


Tips & Warnings

  • Be careful when puncturing holes in the bottle caps since they can easily break.



How to Build Headphones – Online How to List – Techboy2015, Personal Audio, Earphones, technology

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5 Online Steps to Creating a Profitable Facebook Advertising Campaign

Written by Neil Patel on October 11, 2015

funny ad

Almost all Internet users do 2 things on a regular basis:

First, they use search engines. Secondly, they use Facebook.

As a marketer or business owner, one of your biggest jobs is to funnel people from other websites to your own.

Your target audience hangs out in various parts of the web, but a huge percentage of any target audience uses search engines and Facebook.

That’s why they are so important, and why we pay so much attention to SEO and social media marketing.

Because once you’ve found your target audience, it’s just a matter of finding a way to get your content in front of them.

On Facebook, there’s a few ways to do that.

The main way (and by far the most effective) is to advertise.

This goes for just about all social networks. It’s why social media advertising spending continues to grow every year.


On Facebook alone, there are over 1 million small businesses who use advertising.

Most social media marketers understand the value of Facebook ads. An impressive 92% of social marketers advertise at least occasionally on Facebook.

But despite this overwhelming evidence that Facebook advertising can be successful, some people still claim that it’s not effective.

Many businesses spend a few dollar on advertising once, don’t get results, and then write off advertising as a failed experiment.

It’s obvious to you and me that this only shows that they don’t know what they’re doing.

The effectiveness of advertising depends on your knowledge, skills, and experience.

The more you advertise on a platform, like Facebook, the better you’ll get.

If you’ve been considering getting started with Facebook ads, this post will help push you over the edge.

Don’t Lag Behind- Follow these 5 steps process to create a profitable Facebook advertising campaign.

I’m going to break down the 5 steps to Facebook advertising success. 

Step 1: Interesting comes first

Before you make your first ad, there’s something that you need to understand.

When it comes to the typical news feed of a user, there are hundreds of things vying for a click.


There are links to different parts of Facebook in the left sidebar (messages, events, photos, etc.).

Additionally, there is a newsfeed of hundreds of posts by friends and brands. All of these have likes, comments, shares, and other links that can be clicked.

Finally, there are ads, trending topics, and friend suggestions in the right sidebar.

Add it all up, and there’s a lot going on.

This has an important implication for any ads you create: In order to get any attention, your ad needs to stand out from hundreds of competing elements.

They all want the user’s attention, but you need to find a way to attract it, and quickly get your message across.

You also need to consider that a lot of your competition consists of other ads. They can take up over half of the screen at times.


So not only do you need to stand out from regular content, you also need to stand out against ads from large brands who spend a lot of money optimizing their ads to get attention.

The biggest rule behind attention: It’s pretty obvious which parts of an ad get the most attention.

Let’s look at a few example ads. Pay attention to where your eye is drawn first:


If you’re like 99% of people, you saw the picture first.

While there are a few different types of ads you can run, most consist of just a few parts:

  • an image – which takes up 50+% of the ad space (and can have color)
  • a description – above the image in a newsfeed ad, or to the right in a sidebar ad
  • a headline – which is much more prominent in sidebar ads than newsfeed ads

All 3 parts can have a large effect on your ad’s performance.

The most important one, however, is the image.

Not only does it take up the most space, but it’s also the only way you can get your ad to stand out from everything else on the screen.

Your title will be a default fonts and blue color, while your description will be the default black font. These can’t stand out from everyone else’s, because they all look the same.

But your image can be anything you’d like (aside from offensive or banned images).

Many articles will tell you that a certain type of image will perform best for you. But they’re wrong.

The best performing image is one that contributes to the message of your ad, but also stands out from everyone else’s.

And the way you do that is simple:

Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

You gain attention from contrast, from creating an image that looks out of place.

Here’s an example. Everyone uses high quality stock images with a pretty overlay. It’s the easiest way to create beautiful custom images quickly.

But those pictures don’t always stand out.

In one split test, the arguably plainer and uglier ad crushed the other version.


The ad on the right performed 143% better, which is huge.

While everyone else is using colorful, flashy pictures, they tried a super plain ad image that looked out of place. And it paid off.

How to craft an intriguing description: All effective ads need a high performing picture at this point, there’s no argument in that. The competition is just too high to profit without one.

So that’s your first priority, and it’s mostly how you stand out.

However, the second place that a reader’s eye goes is your description (often instead of your title in the newsfeed).


While this area won’t attract as much attention as the image obviously, it is where you’re going to put the bulk of your message.

It’s difficult to communicate a message in a picture, which is why your description is so important.

It needs to quickly (in 2-3 lines) make the user interested enough to click through to your content or offer.

In general, you’ll get the best conversion rate by linking to a landing page that offers a free bonus, but they’ll be relatively low quality subscribers.

I would rather link to a piece of great content (perhaps one with a content upgrade), which will get a lower conversion rate, but the subscribers will be much more engaged in the future.

Don’t try to get clever with your description, just write the biggest benefit of clicking through to your page in as few words as possible (e.g. “Get a copy of ___ for free” or “learn how to get a 150% ROI with social advertising in this post…”).

Step 2: If you invest in Facebook Ads, invest in this as well…

Without even making your first ad, you already understand the most important part of it:

Your image.

A great image gives you the potential of having a great advertising campaign, while the wrong image can ruin campaigns from the start.

If you get one thing from this post, let it be this:

If you’re going to invest a significant amount of money in Facebook ads, you need to invest in your ad images.

No, they don’t have to be works of art, but they should be created by a designer.

If you are not a designer, that means paying for images. It’s worth it.

A small difference in conversion rate makes a big difference over time when an ad is show to tens of thousands of people, which is possible on Facebook.

And the right image on Facebook ads doesn’t just make a small difference, it can make a huge one.

One of the biggest mistakes I see and read about is when a business owner will set aside $100 and devote it all to paying for impressions/clicks.

Instead, they should use a portion of that to make better images than the random ones they throw together.

So what should you try to include in an image?

Like I said before, the best image will change depending on what competitors are using for their pictures.

So there is no “best type of image”, however, there are some general best practices that you should follow for just about every picture you use.

I’m going to focus on newsfeed ads (the big ones in the middle of a user’s feed) from now on, because they get a much higher interaction rate than sidebar ads.


Principle #1 – Use the right size: If you upload an image that doesn’t match the dimensions that ad pictures are supposed to be, you’ll end up with a squished or cut off picture.

For obvious reasons, this isn’t effective.

So while using an image that is the right size won’t help you, it’s necessary in order to give you a chance of succeeding.

The tricky part is that images can be used in many ways.

Even if you just limited your ad to be shown in the newsfeed (which you can do), it will show up differently based on the user’s screen size and device.

It also depends on which type of ad you run. Some support larger images than others.

For these reasons, Facebook recommends a specific image size for each purpose:


For the most part, you’ll either be advertising to get clicks to your website, or to get more likes and followers on your Facebook page (the 3rd and 4th types above)

The reason that the recommended size is so much bigger than it will actually show up as, is because Facebook will scale it down. If you use these recommended sizes, your image should show up well in almost all situations.

If you get really specific with how your ad is shown, you can create smaller images with exact dimensions.


I’d recommend to stick with the image sizes provided by Facebook, but it’s up to you.

Principle #2 – Color: Probably the most effective way to attract attention online is through the use of color.

More specifically, through the use of contrast.

By using colors that are as different as possible from what the users expect, they stand out more.

You can figure out what these colors are by looking at a basic color wheel. Contrasting colors are on opposite sides of the wheel.


Since Facebook is primarily blue (and white), it makes sense that pictures that contain orange will stand out.

Does that mean that orange is the best color?

It’s not that simple. It goes back to the point that you also need to stand out from your competition.

Since some of your competition also knows about contrasting colors, they use orange in your ads as well.

You could end up having a similar color scheme to a competing ad, which will reduce your ad’s effectiveness.


In general, I’d stay away from dark blue, since that’s the color of Facebook. Aside from that, you should test multiple bright colors that may stand out (depending on other ads).

Principle #3 – Value proposition in picture: While the main purpose of your image is to draw attention, that doesn’t mean that it can’t contribute to your message.

When you have a really enticing offer, try to make it really clear in the picture:


Users will read that text before deciding if they should read your description.

One thing to be aware of is that Facebook has a somewhat controversial rule about ad text in images.

The text in any image cannot exceed 20 percent of the image’s space. So don’t try to write long descriptions in your images, because they’ll likely be rejected.

Keep it short and simple.

Principle #4 – Make it shareable: One of the big benefits of Facebook ads are that they appear almost like normal content.

Users can, and do, “like” them and share them.

If you have a really great offer, it’s possible to have your ad shared many times, which will get it in front of more people without paying for it.

Obviously, going viral isn’t the easiest thing to do.

However, you can still benefit by making your images as shareable as possible.

Images with certain things in them are more likely to get liked and shared.

The most popular examples are kids and pets:


You can’t always squeeze something cute into your images, but if you can: go for it.

Principle #5 – Be original: To stand out as much as possible, you need to do more than pick a clever color scheme.

Instead of using stock photos, have custom illustrations done.


Including something funny or unexpected will attract more attention, and may also lead to more comments and shares as an added bonus.

Always try to find a way to include something that’s a bit unexpected that makes the user puzzled so that they spend a few extra seconds examining your ad.

Step 3: Money is won or lost in targeting. Here’s how to do it better

If you’ve ever done any paid advertising before online, you know how important targeting is to the success of a campaign.

If you target the right people, you obviously get more clicks and conversions.

But if you’re showing an ad about beef jerky to a vegan audience, your targeting is way off and you’ll make 0 sales.

In reality, you’ll be between the 2 extremes, but you should always aim to target only the people in your actual audience.

Due to all the data that Facebook has on people, they’ve been able to develop some amazing targeting tools that are very powerful when used right.

You can (and should) test all different options to see which targeting methods work best for you.

Option #1 – Create a website custom audience: Facebook advertising is all about “audiences” now. You need to specify the type of people you want to show your ads to, and Facebook takes care of the rest.

But there are a few different ways to create an audience.

One way is to create a custom audience, and I’m going to show you 2 variations of that, and why it’s so powerful.

What if you could advertise only to people that know who you are, but aren’t subscribed to you in any way? It’d be great, because you already have some credibility in their eyes.

Here’s what the first custom audience type consists of:

  • You install a tracking pixel on your website (just some HTML code)
  • If someone loads a page with your tracking code on it, they are added to your custom audience
  • You can create specific ads for these visitors

Fair warning, this is most effective if you have a decent volume of website traffic. If you’re only getting 50 people a day, you might find that you can’t get too many impressions with your ads.

If so, try a different method that I’ll show you soon.

If you do have decent traffic, here’s how you get your tracking pixel.

First, go to “ads manager” while logged in to your Facebook account. Click on “Tools” and then “Audiences” along the top toolbar:


Next, click the first button to “create a custom audience”:


That’ll trigger a pop-up with a few different options.

For this first variation, pick “website traffic”:


Once you agree to the terms, you’ll get a new screen with a javascript code.


You install it just like you install Google Analytics on your site. Copy and paste it somewhere in your header:


If you don’t want to track visitors to certain pages of your website, just don’t put the code on those pages.

Option #1(b) – Create a custom audience based on email subscribers: When you clicked that first blue button, there was one other really useful type of custom audience you can build.

This option allows you to upload the email addresses of your subscribers and customers. Facebook matches these to users so that you can advertise to those subscribers and customers.

There’s also one other amazing benefit of doing this that I’ll show you in option #2.

For now, select “customer list”.


You have a few different options to import your data, pick whichever one you’d like:


In most cases, it’ll be easiest just to upload a .csv or .txt file (the first option).

For example, in Aweber, if you go to your list of subscribers, you can click the “export CSV” button at the bottom to generate a file with all your subscribers data:


Option #2 – Find tons of people that match your best customers: This is probably the most impressive feature of Facebook advertising.

It requires you to create a custom audience first, using either of the variations I already showed you.

Those are powerful targeting tools. But there’s one problem: They’re limited.

You only have so many people visit your website or on your email list. This can limit how far your Facebook ads can reach.

That’s where this option comes in, which allows you to create a “lookalike” audience.

Essentially, Facebook analyzes the custom audience you already made. Their demographics, the pages they like, and the content they post (among other things).

Then, Facebook looks at its billions of other users, and finds other people who share similar traits to your original audience.

This can expand your potential audience by thousands of times what it currently is. And it’s not just any audience, it’s a potential audience that matches the type of people who are already your customers and subscribers.

I hope you see how powerful this really is.

To set it up, go back to the first “audiences” page that you selected from the top menu.

Now, click the second blue button to “create a lookalike” audience.

It’s very simple from here.

In the “source” field, just put your cursor in the text box, and then pick your custom audience from the drop down menu that appears.

You also have the option to specify any countries that you prefer your audience live in.


That’s really it.

Click the “create audience” button and you’ll now have a new audience in your account that you can target with your ads.

Option #3 – Learn to target by interests, but do it well (The standard option): Those first 2 options are great for creating highly targeted audiences that typically convert really well.

However, they do depend on having a decent sized audience already.

Understandably, you may not have a big enough audience yet.

Until you do, you’ll have to go with the old fashioned option, targeting by interests.

When you create an ad, there are a few different areas that allow you to pick options that narrow down Facebook users (that fit into it).

It starts with demographic options, which consists of hard data like age, gender, location, etc.


The better you know your target audience, the better you’ll be able to fill out the demographics that you want to target.

Next up are the interests, which are the most important part.


When you click on the field, you’ll get a large list of interests to choose from, or you can search for a specific term:


These interests come from pages that users like, or at least interacted with.

It’s not perfect, but it can produce a fairly targeted audience.

The alternative is to continue down to the connections section. Choose “advanced combinations” from the dropdown menu:


This lets you be a bit more specific, by entering the pages of your competitors. Your audience will consist of people who have liked those competing pages.

If you have to use this option, try to get as specific as possible. You shouldn’t have a huge audience at the end, or you’ve likely gone too broad and will have poor conversion rates.

Step 4: How much should you spend on Facebook ads?

As I’ve mentioned, Facebook advertising is highly competitive.

Not only that, it takes some time and practice to figure out the best way to convert Facebook users into subscribers or customers.

While Facebook advertising is relatively cheap, you still don’t want to be throwing money away on a campaign that isn’t going to deliver a positive return on investment (ROI).

Determining your bids: When you create an audience, you have a few different bidding options at your disposal:

  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Cost per mille (CPM: Cost per 1,000 impressions)
  • Optimized CPM

In general, it’s best to go with CPC. When you bid per impression, you never know how where your ad will show up.

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll be able to set your maximum bid per click or 1,000 impressions.


What you can also do, is have Facebook optimize your ad campaign for a specific event. For example, you can optimize for clicks on a link back to your website:


You do need to be a little wary of this type of optimization.

If you optimize for clicks, Facebook is going to show your ad to users who click on things the most. These are usually the lowest quality traffic (but not always), because they’re always ready to click on the next thing.

Regardless of which options you choose, you’ll get a suggested bid range.

If you’re brand new to advertising, start on the low end of this range. The lower you bid, the fewer impressions you’ll get, but it still may be enough for you.

You can always increase bids later.

There isn’t a definitive best bidding option, you should try them all out.

How much will you spend? Don’t start out spending hundreds of dollars per day. Wait until you have a profitable campaign before you scale up to that.

When you’re first creating a campaign, you’re asked to specify your maximum daily budget.


For most people, spending $5 per day is enough to start.

This will allow you to collect a good sample over a few weeks to determine if the ad campaign is worth trying to improve.

If a particular ad is performing horribly after a few thousand impressions – scrap it.

Step 5: The most profitable advertisers have one thing in common…

Most beginner advertisers have the wrong impression of successful advertisers.

They believe that experienced advertisers put together a few new ads for a campaign, and are able to achieve profitability on most of them.

The reality is that most ads are losers, at least initially.

The goal of your first ads shouldn’t be to get an amazing ROI, because it’s very unlikely that you will.

Your goal should be to get a slightly profitable or even a break-even result. I’ll tell you why this is a good thing in a minute.

But first, there’s one key thing that all good advertisers know…

They know if a campaign is profitable or not: Never start an advertising campaign without a specific purpose.

You may want to drive traffic to your website.

You may want to get more likes on your Facebook page.

It doesn’t matter: pick a goal that you think is important.

But before you get started, you need to know the value of that goal.

If you’re trying to convert that traffic into email subscribers, you need to have a very good idea of what a subscriber is worth.

The same thing goes for a Facebook like; how much is one worth to you?

If you don’t know this, you’ll never know if your advertising has a positive ROI or not. So estimate this value as accurately as possible.

You want to be able to go into your Facebook reporting, see the “cost per action” (click or like), and instantly know if you’re profitable or not.


The difference between many losing and profitable campaigns: I just told you that a break-even first ad is a good thing.

Any guesses why?

The reason is that you can almost always improve your conversion rates by split testing those ads.

It’s pretty easy to turn most break-even ad campaigns into solid profiting ones.

For example, one split test was able to lower the cost per conversion from $2.6 to $1.04. That’s a 60% decrease in cost per conversion.


That’s a pretty rare improvement, but smaller improvements can be made to most ads.

Split testing is very simple and doesn’t take a lot of time.

You simply duplicate an ad that you’ve created, keeping everything the same, and then you change only one part of it.

After you let it run for a statistically valid amount of time, you’ll be able to tell if that one change had any effect on your results.

What can you test?

  • The image
  • The description
  • The heading
  • Your targeting options

Typically, the image will have the biggest effect, based on the reasons we went over earlier.



Facebook represents one of the largest user bases on the entire Internet.

For 99%+ of niches, you can find a large portion of your target audience on Facebook.

Advertising is the most effective way to quickly get your message to this audience.

However, like any advertising, you can lose money if you’re not smart about it. But if you follow the 5 steps that I’ve laid out in this post, you’ll make fewer mistakes than most others would.

There was a ton to take in this article, so if you have any questions, just leave me a comment below.

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A Bug’s Life


G| 1 hr. 36 min.

Plot Summary
Flik (Dave Foley) is an inventive ant who’s always messing things up for his colony. His latest mishap was destroying the food stores that were supposed to be used to pay off grasshopper Hopper (Kevin Spacey). Now the strong-arming insect is demanding that the ants gather double the food — or face annihilation. To avert disaster, Flik goes on a journey to recruit fighters to defend the colony. When he meets a band of high-flying circus insects, he thinks he’s found his salvation.

Cast: Dave Foley , Kevin Spacey , Julia Louis-Dreyfus , Hayden Panettiere , Phyllis Diller , Richard Kind , David Hyde Pierce , Joe Ranft

Directors: John Lasseter , Andrew Stanton

Genres: Fantasy, Animated

Distributor: Buena Vista International [us], Buena Vista Pictures

A Bug’s Life (1998)

Release Date: November 25th, 1998|1 hr. 36 min.

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Woody (Tom Hanks), a good-hearted cowboy doll who belongs to a young boy named Andy (John Morris), sees his position as Andy’s favorite toy jeopardized when his parents buy him a Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) action figure. Even worse, the arrogant Buzz thinks he’s a real spaceman on a mission to return to his home planet. When Andy’s family moves to a new house, Woody and Buzz must escape the clutches of maladjusted neighbor Sid Phillips (Erik von Detten) and reunite with their boy.

Cast: Tom Hanks , Tim Allen , Don Rickles , Jim Varney , Wallace Shawn , John Ratzenberger , Annie Potts , John Morris

Director: John Lasseter

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Animated

Distributor: Buena Vista Pictures, Warner Home Vídeo

Toy Story (1995)

Release Date: November 22nd, 1995|1 hr. 20 min.

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Inside The DVD: Toy Story Special Edition
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Charlotte’s Web


G| 1 hr. 38 min.

Plot Summary
Based on the beloved children’s novel by E.B. White, a young girl named Fern rescues a runty piglet, raises it as her own and names him Wilbur. However, after Wilbur grows into a pig, she is compelled to sell him to her Uncle Homer Zuckerman down the street. At Zuckerman’s barn, Wilbur meets a host of animals and later learns from them that come winter, he will be slaughtered for food. Fearing for his life, Charlotte, a gentle and wise spider whom befriended the lonely Wilbur, vows to save his life.

Cast: Julia Roberts , Dakota Fanning , Steve Buscemi , John Cleese , Oprah Winfrey , Cedric the Entertainer , Kathy Bates , Reba McEntire

Director: Gary Winick

Genres: Drama

Distributor: Paramount Pictures

Charlotte’s Web (2006)

Release Date: December 15th, 2006|1 hr. 38 min.

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