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Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program


Traffic Monsoon << Join, click here <<
TM is run by another successful admin, Charles Scoville (from AdHitProfits).
It’s conservtiave nature, clean website and experienced staff should result in a great way to not only earn back your advertising expense but provide both profit and longevity.
$50 min upgrade with Paypal, STP & Payza accepted. _________________________________
Traffic Monsoon is delivering great traffic AND daily cash revenue (from 1 -2%!). << Join, click here <<

The website is smooth and professional…everything is working well.
What’s left to do?…simply buy some advertising and begin viewing ads.

Here is a little guide to setup your account…

1- Register with the ‘Register’ link on top
2- Login in your account
3- Click on ‘My Websites’ Link on left menu to setup your traffic exchange link
4- Click on the ‘New site’ button to set your traffic exchange link
5- Click on ‘My Banners’ Button on left menu to setup your banner ad
6- Click on ‘Setup a New Banner Ad’ to add your banner
7- Click on ’20 PPC / 1000 TE Credits’ Link in left menu to Buy your adpacks
8- Chose the banner you want to add the clicks on and click the green ‘Buy Adpack’ Button
9- Select your payment processor and the number of adpacks you want to buy
10- You can do it as many times as you want with different banners and trafficexchange links 🙂

Lastly of course…you can share the program with others
using your referral link.

Here are 8 key points that makes TrafficMonsoon a unique and excellent RevShare with potential:

1- Trusted, professional and dedicated Admin – Charles Scoville.
2- Quality advertising service…most of the revshares offer mediocre ad service.
3- Fast Traffic Delivery. Definitely one of the best Traffic Exchange services online.
4- Realistic earnings per share (110% instead of 125%plus)
5- No Admin fees! (Admin only takes his referral commissions, as any other sponsor)
6- Admin is promoting TrafficMonsoon a lot with his own money! Too many RevShares admin totally rely
on the promoters to make their program succeed. That’s why most of them fail.
7- Quick and good support.
8- Fast payments.
​my ref. link to join:


4 Ways to Earn More Online With Traffic Monsoon << Join, click here <<

Traffic Monsoon sends your website through multiple other advertising websites, to make sure your offer is seen by a large audience.
There are 4 ways to use Traffic Monsoon to help you make more money online.
The first way is free.
You can click on cash links on the membership dashboard, and earn cash simply for reviewing other member’s offers.
The real way to leverage your earnings from these cash links is by referring people who will also click on these ads.
To qualify for referral earnings, all you need to do is make sure you have clicked at least 10 ads in the traffic monsoon traffic exchange within the last 24 hours.
You receive 100% matching click earnings from your referrals, so the more referrals you have clicking ads, the more income you’ll earn.
The second way is to use the services to generate more traffic and leads for your business.
Every earner knows they need more traffic to generate leads, and more leads to experience more sales. There are multiple services available to help you reach your target audience. All our traffic services are targeted for people seeking to find more tools and resources to help them build their incomes online.
The third way is through revenue sharing.
When members purchase advertising services, we share the revenues from these purchases with our members. All you have to do to qualify for sharing in site revenues is have an active sharing position, and click a minimum 10 ads in a day. You’ll share in revenues for 24 hours.
Revenue sharing positions are included with the adpack purchase for $50, which gives you 1000 visitors to your website, and 20 clicks on your banner advertisement.
Every click on your banners ads is worth a lot – those users who click on your ads may become your referrals or even clients. Users click simply because they are interested in the topic of your ads!
As you click a minimum of 10 ads daily, you’ll continue to share in revenues up to $55 on each sharing position.
The forth way to make money with traffic monsoon is through referral sales.
When you refer people to use the services offered on Traffic Monsoon, you’ll earn 10% of each of your referral’s purchase.
This means each time a referral makes a purchase using either their earning balance, or payment processor, you’ll receive 10% of their purchase instantly to your account balance.
Traffic Monsoon is really quite easy to use, and you can begin earning on Traffic Monsoon with revenue sharing within the next hour.
and get started now​

Best Regards,Charles ScovilleOwner – Traffic Monsoon



Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

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